Made by Fishermen
For Fisherman.

Hand-Crafted in the Pacific Northwest.

Made and inspired by the Northwest. Lancer Jigs earned its name from the Sand Lance, a small bait fish in the Northwest. While most Sand Lance have a green back and silver belly, we have adapted the size and shape of the Lancer to a wide array of effective color variations for our jigs.

Lancer Jigs are Available in Various Weights, Sizes and Colors

What Lies Beneath

"Wanna catch fish?
Use Lancer Jigs."

Alexandra Ehrich

Pacific Northwest Angler

"I can honestly contribute all of my rockfish success to Lancer Jigs."

Lee Geist

Pacific Northwest Angler

"Lancer Jigs catch
fish when no other
tackle will."

Rachel Manning

Pacific Northwest Angler